Book review >~<


Tittle: The STRONGEST boy in the world.

Author: Jessica Souhami.

Main character: kaito and hana

Summary: kaito was a normal boy until he met hana on his journey and was named the strongest boy.

Recommend: I recommend it to kids above 6 or more.

Star rating: 4/5



Buddie learning how to use laptops.

Today we are learning how use laptops  with jayden olivia

Term three!

Im looking forward to clubs I wonder  what you will choose?

1#     I would like to be better at writing.

2#      Be able to do timetables 1 up to 12.

3#      Have fun kinda this term.

Totally normal weekend

I went out of bed  and ate breakfast  then     went to      school  but wait this is a weekend no i have to go to school to learn language so yeah  i also need to go to the boat deck.For a nice trip and we got a new  black car 7 seats. Totally normal(not)

my avartar

My avatar looks like that because I’m in school so I’m holding books and pencils.

I have a cap like I do in a party and I love party’s  *cannon ball party*  XD.

I have a thick jacket for a cold weather and a t-shirt.

I have a shock face because i am like oh my god.


Term 2 :D

Term two is here I learned addition strategy to predict and showing not tell. The fun run was so cool my heart was drilling to the finish I was  so proud of my work I got better and I’m gonna in prove again.

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swimming xD

 DJon Thursday grade 4  students went swimming  we done  water safety  then we got on the giant slide i done big cannonball xD

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Last week all the  3/4 went Eastbank to perform.We did the Haunted   Junk House.I was  in Aldo,Holly,Briana,Mohommed  and Tahlias group.I saw two friend dance school.We had lunch after we

singed  a song .a band was on the stage everyone yelled.



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My holiday

On the holidays I  went swimming with my brother and my mum.I went down the slide  and  saw my friend we played  piggy in the middle so my brother was the piggy  . My brother was bored  so we went home . ^~^

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Today MDH and MJO played  cricket. Their was three group we done bating, throwing and catching.


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